Working with only the best farms, providing the highest quality product.

Hog Wild

Hog Wild Specialties is owned and operated by Deb and Earl Hagman of Mayerthorpe, Alberta, Canada. With assistance from their children over the years, Jill, Greg & Will, they also own and operate Lily Creek Ranch (a two hundred head cow/calf operation) which they have had for 23 years. They started raising and marketing European wild boar in February of 1991. They consistently have about 300-700 animals of varying ages on site with access to numerous other farm raised animals from Canada. The animals are raised as naturally as possible with no immunizations or growth hormones. The animals’ diet is supplemented with minerals to ensure healthy animals. They are given products twice a year in their feed to control parasites. In the summer they naturally graze on pasture with access to a limited amount of grain while in the winter they are fed alfalfa hay, grain & silage. The farrowing sows are always fed some grain to ensure an adequate milk supply.


Farm Fed

Farm Fed, a division of K&R Poultry Ltd, is a poultry processing plant located in the scenic Fraser Valley. Since being formed in 1995 we have focused on producing a high quality product and as a result our products are in high demand. We are a federally inspected plant and are able to ship inter-provincially and internationally. In addition, our plant is HACCP certified.  Our main focus is on the main stream processing of chickens, ducks, silkie chickens and turkeys.



SunGold is a federally inspected, HACCP-certified, Halal-certified, full-service lamb and goat processing plant located in Alberta, Canada. For nearly 45 years, SunGold Meats has been committed to sustainable, humane production practices. Our lamb is sourced from ethical farmers in Canada who pride themselves in the way they care for their livestock and have a passion for the sustainability of the lamb industry in our country.

SunGold believes in operating as a customer-service driven company and we want to grow your market presence and product value. SunGold Speciality Meats has an adaptable plant and staff, allowing us to do custom processing and value-add options like grinding and case-ready cutting and packaging. All lambs and goats are processed with Halal certification and processed either as a whole carcass, conventional primals, and vacuum-packaged boxed cuts of meat, both fresh and frozen.



Tucked away in British Columbia’s fertile Fraser Valley, Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods is dedicated to providing the highest quality chicken and turkey products. For more than three generations Rossdown has been dedicated to farming, raising and serving the highest-quality poultry products from the Beautiful Fraser Valley. And we’re proud of it! It’s why we are one of the few farms in Canada that do it all – hatch the chicks, feed and grow the birds and then process them in our own facility. This allows us to maintain exceptionally high standards at every stage.