Prairie West Specialty Meats, previously known as Community Foods,

was founded in 1990 & has been a wholesale distributor to

restaurants in Calgary for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in offering only

top quality products & providing you with excellent customer service.

Gourmart is a legacy , it's been around for 80- years and so have its recipes and custom smokehouses. We are committed to keeping the tradition Darrell and his father made so famous for so many years, we are back taking in game, custom smoking and sausage making for all ! All Custom cutting is 1.00/lb , sausages all vary depending on ingredients. Smoking , drying and cold smoking are all Available for a price on time.

At Butcher's Best Friend, we are a family-owned dog food company based in Calgary, established in 2023. We source all-natural, high-quality ingredients exclusively from farms in Alberta, such as Hillview Pork Farm, Winters Turkey, Rangeland Bison, Jenner Chicken, and Craigmyle Farm. Our commitment to using local and sustainable ingredients ensures that your furry friend is getting the best possible nutrition while supporting our community. As a small company, we take pride in providing personalized service to each and every customer.

Exclusive Products for Calgary & Surrounding Area


  • Steak

  • Brisket

  • Ribs

  • Roasts

  • Kobe Beef


  • Chicken Breast

  • Chicken Thighs

  • Whole Chickens

  • Chicken Wings


  • Pork Chops

  • Side/Back Ribs

  • Pork Roast

  • Smoked Bacon/Ham


  • Bison

  • Elk

  • Custom Processing


  • Rocky's Sausage Haus

  • VDG Salami

  • Gour-Mart

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At Prairie West Specialty Meats we partner with the best local farms in Western Canada. In order to provide you with finest farm-raised meats and specialty products.

Platinum Alberta Beef

Platinum Alberta Beef is a collective of our Finest Farms in Alberta that we have hand chosen and have worked with for years and years, From our Hillview Pork to our amazing natural beef we pride ourselves on aging, dry aging, curing or perfecting whatever we do. SInce supply is so limited sometimes we have to spread the love around and take and help all small farmers. We also but AA/AAA quality at all times and love dealing with carcass and prime cuts.

Winters Farm

Winter's family has raised turkeys on our Alberta farm, in Dalemead, southeast of Calgary, for four generations. Our birds are humanely raised with total consideration for their comfort and well-being. They are regularly provided with clean bedding and have unlimited access to fresh water and the outdoors.
Darrel and Corinne have been operating Winters's Turkey family farm since 1976.

Farm Fed - The Natural Choice

Farm Fed, a division of K&R Poultry Ltd, is a poultry processing plant located in the scenic Fraser Valley. Since being formed in 1995 we have focused on producing a high quality product and as a result our products are in high demand. We are a federally inspected plant and are able to ship inter-provincially and internationally. In addition, our plant is HACCP certified. Our main focus is on the main stream processing of chickens, ducks, silkie chickens and turkeys.

SunGold Specialty Meats

SunGold is a federally inspected, HACCP-certified, Halal-certified, full-service lamb and goat processing plant located in Alberta, Canada. For nearly 45 years, SunGold Meats has been committed to sustainable, humane production practices. Our lamb is sourced from ethical farmers in Canada who pride themselves in the way they care for their livestock and have a passion for the sustainability of the lamb industry in our country.

RossDown Farms & Natural Foods

Tucked away in British Columbia’s fertile Fraser Valley, Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods is dedicated to providing the highest quality chicken and turkey products. For more than three generations Rossdown has been dedicated to farming, raising and serving the highest-quality poultry products from the Beautiful Fraser Valley. And we’re proud of it! It’s why we are one of the few farms in Canada that do it all – hatch the chicks, feed and grow the birds and then process them in our own facility. This allows us to maintain exceptionally high standards at every stage

Hillview Heritage Pork

Hillview Heritage Pork was established in 1991, occupying farmland around Rosebud, Alberta. Their pigs are all born and raised on the farm, free to roam around in free run pens. Their pigs enjoy a grain and vegetable diet and are processed in their own inspected facility.

A Family Run Business for over 30 years...

The Foremsky Family has over 30 years experience in the meat industry and have taken the time to know and earn respect from suppliers all over the world.

Giving Calgary the choice in products and price is the MAIN goal of Prairie West Specialty Meats. Natural products are the backbone to our inventory list but, we do also offer a large variety of AAA and conventional products that are of the highest quality.

Customizable items are always in high demand, So we take pride in offering everything from custom Charcuterie, Original sausage recipes too custom cut steaks.

In Prairie West Specialty Meat's mission to deliver a healthy alternative to as many as possible, We have been able to provide our top products to the best restaurants in Calgary and surrounding area.

Our Team



  • 20 years experience

  • Founded of Multiple Specialty Meat Ventures

  • Certified KOBE Distributer

  • Primary Sponsor of 2x BBQ World Champion 'The Notorious Pig'


Manager / Chief Operating Officer

  • 11 years with Prairie West

  • Father of two

  • Sweet Mustache


Head of Purchasing

  • 50 years industry experience

  • Operated several successful meat companies

  • Specialty in Kill Floors & Distribution


Head of Production

  • 25 years Cutting experience

  • 12 years with Prairie West

  • Father


Retail Partner/ Custom Processing Lead

  • S.A.I.T. Graduate - 2021

  • Founder 'Butcher's Best Friend' & 'Lee's Gourmet'

  • Custom Recipes and Processing


Michael Wagner

Dropped of 50 lbs. of boned out venison to get made into sausage. Owner and staff were professional and nice, recommended the mild Italian and bratwurst (traditional recipe). I was not disappointed. very good fresh sausage. I also got a batch of summer sausage made; which was excellent as well. Order was ready in 2 weeks, probably due to it being boned and dropped off mid-season - still other places have taken way longer. I recommend this place for all your processing needs.

Lee Hollinger

This business deals mostly in butchering wild meat for the hunters. I'm unsure of the hours but I. Sure if you call their # they can be found easy. I do know drop off is by appointment only. This business has been in Bowness for many many years. They do an excellent job and have sampled their craft more times than I can remember. From the deer sausage to the moose jerky Mmmmmm the thought make me hungry. Anyway this is the ace to have your hunt come to a smoky flavorful end.

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7930 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0H3, Canada